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Hi! My name is Chuck Osborne and I am passionate about the City of North Canton!

I have made it my mission to do all I can to ensure that local government conducts business openly, honestly & efficiently.

Toward this end, I have posted on this site documents about the city of North Canton including public documents, such as city council minutes, and research I have conducted about  major issues that have faced the city.  You can also find up-to-the minute news and commentary on my blog, Open Government for North Canton.

As a former North Canton City Councilman, I became convinced that questioning the actions of the current administration is what needs to be done if North Canton is to solve its current problems and move toward a brighter future.  I believe that North Canton legislators can only make wise decision on behalf of citizens when issues are researched and presented for public review and discussion.

You can help! Share your opinions about the issues facing your city!



"Mr. Mayor, if asking questions and raising concerns makes one a bad apple I would like to proudly join that list with Mr. Osborne. It would be a badge of honor that I will proudly wear. As councilmen you are charged with the responsibility of faithfully executing your office. Part of this responsibility is to independently verify the facts; not just accept information given to you."

Glenn Saylor
North Canton City Council Meeting
January 28, 2002.


... that North Canton did not need to buy Arrowhead to save green space? And that the city would likely now be $4.2 million dollars richer had North Canton simply observed from the sidelines the sale of Arrowhead Country Club earlier this year? Read more

...that the North Canton City Council frequently  passes routine ordinances as "emergencies?"
Read more

...that Mayor Rice called Councilman Osborne a “bad apple” for daring to question the wisdom of hiring an outside firm?
Read More

...that the 24-inch pipeline connection to the City of Canton’s water system that was constructed last summer is not complete and may not provide a backup source of water in an emergency.  Read more


“…who said Chuck Osborne was a ‘bad apple’? He looks like a smart cookie to me.”

Denny Grooms
Letter to the Editor,
Canton Repository, March 2, 2002


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